The grocery store didn't open the door. The neighbors looked at one another.11Strange death at home

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(Original title:The grocery store didn't open the door. The neighbors looked at one another.11Strange death at home)

000,Everything is strange.Last year,A grocery store in India did not open on time.,A neighbor saw a family.11Strange death at home,among them10People were hanged with their hands tied behind their backs.This case shocked Indian society,Recently,The police released part of the investigation results of the case.Comprehensive foreign media8Month19Japan report,2018Year7Month1day,A Strange Case Occurred in New Delhi, India,A11Die at home,They are77Years oldNarayan Devi,Her two sons50Years oldBhavneshAnd45Years oldLalit,Two daughters-in-law48Years oldSavitaAnd42Years oldTeena,57A year old daughter Pratibha,as well as5A grandchild.

among them 77Years old Devi Lying on the floor of a room,Other10People were tied behind their backs and hanged on the corridor blindfolded.The house showed no sign of robbery.,All the valuables at home are still there.

The police searched several booklets from their homes.,One of the notes said"The Way of God"A few words.A senior police officer said:"Through note analysis,The contents of the brochure were written by this family member."The only surviving member of the family Dinesh He did not live with his family.,He said:"I don't know anything about it.,If the expert has done the appraisal,That must be right,I believe the police."In addition,The police also found eight mobile phones in the drawer.,Police said:"According to the records, the family may be superstitious about certain things.,Finally decided to end his life at the same time.""We are still waiting for the report.,To determine if they had contacted anyone else before they died."

Neighbor said,The family is at peace with each other.,I get along very well with my neighbors.,It is hard to believe that they will commit suicide.What is puzzling is that,Two weeks before the crime, the whole family was celebrating.,Because . Pratibha My daughter has just got engaged to someone.At present,The case is still under investigation.

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